How to get Camtasia on Mac lifetime free

Camtasia is a great assistant for Marketers and Youtubers because of its powerful features that are easy to use. It is no longer strange with Windows, but Camtasia on Mac is much more powerful because of the Mac configuration you also understand. And this article, Lucid Gen will guide you to install Camtasia for Mac for permanent, full-featured use; follow along.

A quick introduction to Camtasia

Who is Camtasia suitable for?
Camtasia is suitable for those who do not specialize in video design. Because it is effortless to use, it is very suitable for Marketers to make advertising videos.

How is Camtasia’s rendering speed on Mac?
Basically, Camtasia is already lighter than Adobe Premiere, but even running on macOS, how fast is it. Excellent rendering.

What are the outstanding features of Camtasia?
Camtasia’s powerful yet easy-to-use feature set is sure to make you want to own one.
– Available template resource repository.
– Screen rotation.
– Take pictures on the webcam.
– Record sound through microphone.
– Music library.
– PowerPoint integration.
– Import multiple media types.
– Add captions on videos.
– Share videos quickly to social networks.
– Insert animation into video.
– Highlight the mouse pointer.
– Create a consistent theme for the video.
– Frame according to the device you want.
– Create video subtitles easily.
– Replace the background in the video.
– Acoustic noise reduction and acoustic damping adjustments.
– … and many other features, see details here.

What is the selling price of Camtasia?
The selling price at the time I knew the article was $249 / 2 machines / 1 license. But this article will guide you to install Camtasia permanently; rest assured.

Preparation before installing Camtasia on Mac

Download the installation file Camtasia

Click the button below to download the Camtasia installation file for Mac.

Disable Gatekeeper and SIP on the machine

If your Mac is OS Catalina (10.15) or later, you need to disable Gatekeeper and SIP on Mac to install applications outside the App Store, including Camtasia. Follow the instructions of this link.

Once you have turned off Gatekeeper and SIP on your Mac, you can install Camtasia on your Mac according to the instructions below.

Install Camtasia on Mac

After preparing the installation file and turning off Gatekeeper, follow these steps to install Camtasia on Mac.

Step 1: Open the installation file, and a small window will appear, as shown below. Drag and drop the Camtasia icon into the Applications folder.

Open the Camtasia installation file on your Mac and drag and drop the Camtasia icon into the Applications folder
Open the Camtasia installation file on your Mac and drag and drop the Camtasia icon into the Applications folder.

Step 2: You click to open the Applications folder right in that small window, then click to open Camtasia in the folder.

Camtasia on Mac - Click to open Camtasia in Applications folder
Click to open Camtasia in the Applications folder

Step 3: When a message is sure to open Camtasia, click Open.

Camtasia on Mac - Click the Open button
Click the Open button.

Step 4: Enjoy Camtasia forever on your Macbook. This is the welcome interface when you first open Camtasia.

Camtasia welcome interface on Mac
Camtasia welcome interface on Mac

Click on New Project, and Camtasia will take you to the inner interface like this. And now you can unleash your video creation with Camtasia on Mac already.

Camtasia's internal interface on Mac
Camtasia’s internal interface on Macbook

Suppose Camtasia has a notice about the 7-day trial. In that case, you go back to the original small window, and open the note file at the left; it has an activation code to use Camtasia for Mac permanently.

Open the note file to get the Camtasia activation code on Mac
Open the note file to get the Camtasia activation code on Mac

Note that you should not update to the new version. I will update the article when there is an installation file for the latest version.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to re-enable Gatekeeper after installation?

No. You don’t need to re-enable Gatekeeper because it won’t affect your machine. If you re-enable Gatekeeper, you must turn it off again each time you install a new app outside of the App Store.

Can I update to the latest version of Camtasia?

It is not recommended that you update automatically, download the latest version from Lucid Gen and reinstall it not to lose your activation permanently.


I also use Camtasia for many of my videos (I used Premiere before). I must say it is easy to use and smooth. If you are not a video designer, you should install Camtasia for your Mac to be healthy. How do you feel about Camtasia? Please leave a comment below.

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