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"Passion"…? Yes, there is passion. But Hieu had to work at his main job to have money to live ^ _ ^.

Because not everyone is like the "MMO experts" (Make Money Online). And for some people, including Hieu, the salary must be deducted from a small amount for this little "passion".

One-handed website creation, "time" is lost first. Hosting and domain name must be renewed, not website collapsed. If you want the blog to be beautiful for users to like and easy to read, you must buy a theme, buy add-ons attached to …


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Silent story

The writing criteria of Lucid Gen are: The article is not much, but the quality of the article must be the best possible, the words are easy to understand, the guide images must be beautiful and help readers who only look at the pictures and know how to do it.

Actually Hieu has many ideas, Hieu has listed a list of topics to write. But the time was not much, because Hieu still had to work to earn food, so the date of posting on the page was very different. Sometimes Hieu only published 1 article a month, and then drafted a lot and left it there because it was too busy, but the readers' comments, Hieu answered all, every day Hieu checked the traffic, checked if anyone commented to answer.

How heartwarming it will be when our readers love and support even the simplest of commenting and sharing!