AI features on Galaxy S24 series, what is Galaxy AI?

AI features on Galaxy S24 series are the focus of the Unpacked 2024 event that just took place in the early morning of January 18, 2024, marking a new era – the era of artificial intelligence on smartphones. In November, Samsung registered the “AI Phone” trademark, which shows that the Korean brand will focus on developing artificial intelligence for its new phone line in 2024. So, what is Galaxy AI? What new AI features has Samsung announced on the trio of new products? All will be revealed by Lucid Gen right below; please stay tuned.

What is Galaxy AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has probably become too familiar in recent years. The rapid development of this technology is inevitable, and it will soon become a trend in the future. 2024. Grasping the new trend, Samsung has developed the Galaxy S24 series to become Galaxy AI phones (AI Phones) with the core of entirely new and intelligent features based on artificial intelligence.

AI features on the Galaxy S24 series
AI features on the Galaxy S24 series

As announced at the Unpacked 2024 event, outstanding AI features available on Samsung’s new product line include:

  • Direct interpretation of calls.
  • Multi-purpose search area.
  • Smart note assistant.
  • Smart recording assistant.
  • AI supports image post-production.

The company has researched these tools for many years, the result of many discussions and research with dozens of companies specializing in artificial intelligence. All will be integrated in the upcoming ONEUI 6.1. However, look at the following section to see how this feature works.

AI features on the newly launched Galaxy S24 series

Direct interpretation of calls

Samsung calls it “Live Call Translation”, this is the tool I appreciate the most, the smartest and the most convenient of this new smartphone line. Accordingly, when you receive a call from a foreigner, no matter what language they speak (of course, not hard-to-find countries or ethnicities), Galaxy AI can translate it into your language and your language into the opponent’s.

Translate calls directly using Galaxy AI
Translate calls directly using Galaxy AI

This feature is handy when you have foreign friends or applies to calls at restaurants or hotels, where you often communicate with foreign guests. The special thing is that Live Call Translation translates directly through regular calls, needs a SIM card to talk, and does not require 4G or WiFi network. However, it currently only supports calls using the default call application, not yet supporting 3rd party apps.

Multi-purpose search area

The second feature is smart search operations by zoning on the phone screen. With any image appearing on the Galaxy S24, you need to hold the HOME button, then circle an area (or a small detail) you want to find, and AI will automatically go to Google search to find it. Return the results to you.

Let’s give an example to make it easier to understand: AI will process the information when watching YouTube and seeing a fantastic scene but not know where to hold the HOME button to stop the screen and then select the search area. And it returns results to that exact location; smart, right?

Smart note assistant

This is also a new feature; I consider it suitable for those who often go to meetings and have a habit of taking note of information. With a piece of paper with information written in handwriting, when you take a photo and upload it to the Smart Note Assistant, AI will synthesize it into a complete document and arrange the content and headings scientifically. In addition, the application also helps you summarize or paraphrase these notes with highly high content accuracy.

The Note application is superior thanks to the AI features on Galaxy S24
The Note application is superior thanks to the AI features on Galaxy S24

Smart recording assistant

Similar to the note-taking feature, this smart recording tool will convert audio files to text, which is very suitable for people who often go to meetings or those who go to school to listen to a teacher’s lecture but are too lazy to copy. The miracle is that audio can be converted into text, and raw text can summarize the main content; from now on, meetings or going to school to listen to lectures will be “easy games”.

AI supports image post-production

Finally, there’s no question about the image post-production feature. The Galaxy S24 takes excellent photos, but in 2024, when Samsung brings more AI into image post-production, it’s even more advanced. As the company introduced during the event, when you rotate a photo or move the subject from one location to another, empty spaces will be exposed. At this time, the AI ​​on the device will process the information and automatically Fill in those empty areas is very smart and results in a very natural new photo.


Above, I have listed the five most prominent AI features introduced by Samsung on the night of the Galaxy S24 series launch event. You will experience these genius tools when you own a Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+ or Galaxy S24 Ultra, however, the company said that if older product lines are on the ONEUI 6.1 update list, they can still be used, but the time to receive the update may fall in the second quarter of 2024.

How do you feel about Galaxy AI? Do you think Samsung will succeed with this trump card in 2024? If you like researching artificial intelligence, read how to create ChatGPT account.

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